Practise makes perfect…right?!

Now I know we’re only a month in but Spring has been a total let-down so far. The days have been way too cold and rainy and have left me wishing for sunshine… Continue reading

The Cookie Monster

I’m not entirely sure why but cookies are so much more fun to make and eat than plain old biscuits. Plus they are excellent for dunking in milk! A very good friend of… Continue reading

Spring has sprung!

Spring and Autumn are probably my favourite seasons. Spring because I’m usually sick of winter, eating heavy foods and wearing lots of layers. Autumn because I’m over the summer heat, humidity and eating salads!… Continue reading


Making sweet tarts is one of the things that first got me into serious baking. People seemed to love them and although I was new to making pastry, I found the process really… Continue reading

A savoury start to a tarty weekend…

I know it’s a little strange but while I love to eat savoury tarts, I much prefer to cook sweet ones, they are so much more fun! So I have decided to indulge… Continue reading

A few of my favourite things…

To start things off, I thought I would share a few of my favourite foods with you, beginning with the humble mushroom. I am totally and utterly in love with mushrooms. I admit… Continue reading

A little about me…

My name is Cate and like so many of us these days, I love great food – shopping for it, cooking it and of course eating it! For me, cooking is about appreciating… Continue reading