Just peachy

Have I ever mentioned how much I love stone fruit? Apricots, plums, cherries, nectarines but never the humble peach. I guess it was the skin that put me off as a child but… Continue reading

A lady who lunches!

I could think of nothing nicer than being a lady of leisure, one who gets to lunch regularly at exclusive waterside spots with fabulous friends. Realistically I think perhaps I would get bored… Continue reading

Nuts about coconut

It is fairly safe to say that I went a bit loco over the fresh coconut whilst holidaying. So much so I was practically devastated if it didn’t make an appearance on the breakfast… Continue reading


I recently got back from Fiji (aka “Fun.In.Jungle.Island” – a term coined by one of our delightfully cheeky tour guides) and thought I would post now rather than wait for next weekend when… Continue reading

Singin’ the blues

Does anyone else get the Sunday night blues? For me Sunday evenings are a complete bitch. The idea that the weekend is over is just too much for my delicate constitution to cope… Continue reading

Getting things off to a good start

Happy New Year! This time of the year really fascinates me, mainly because of all the noble yet predictable new years resolutions people make and their wide-eyed optimism that somehow this year is… Continue reading

The perfect pear

I realise I should be focusing on Christmas menus at the moment but I just can’t get in the mood. Christmas in Australia can be a truly unique experience but this year is… Continue reading

You don’t make friends with salad

Well, according to the Simpson’s but I tend to disagree. As we head into the summer (which I am desperately hoping will be soon!), I am looking forward to giving baked dinners the… Continue reading

Cold Comfort

I must apologise, it has been ages since my last post and I am feeling a wee bit guilty… Between hunting for a new house, celebrating people’s birthdays and work I haven’t had much time… Continue reading

Lots and lots of lemons…

Recently my neighbour very kindly off-loaded his excess lemons onto my kitchen bench and I have to say, I was pretty damn excited. I mean, what doesn’t lemon go well with? Homemade lemonade,… Continue reading