Favourite pasta times

The unthinkable has happened. A summer craving for carbs. Specifically pasta. This is a most unusual turn of events. Not unlike a light switch, the moment summer arrives my love of pasta and… Continue reading

The return of cocktail hour

I’m not sure there is anything much better than coming home after a long day at work, sitting back, enjoying the last rays of sunshine and partaking in a refreshing beverage. Ah, cocktail… Continue reading

Cherries make one Merry Christmas!

I’m not sure about the rest of you but I am seriously stuffed full of the most amazing food! It is crazy to think of the amount of effort that goes into making… Continue reading

The mystery of the missing month of November

Er, say what? First week of Summer? No, no, I know it’s hot but it can’t possibly be December yet, we’ve got ages to go. Plenty of time to prepare for the onslaught… Continue reading

A little thanks never goes astray

For me, Thanksgiving conjures up images of chilly weather, warm fires, tables laden with roasted meats and veggies and plenty of laughter. In other words, total and utter bliss. Not quite reality in… Continue reading

Not so south of the border

I feel a little like I am jumping on the bandwagon by talking Mexican food given the number of posts that have recently landed in my inbox (hello How Sweet It Is, Miss Piggy and… Continue reading

Dessert Duties

I can’t deny I was a wee bit excited to get my invite to last night’s dinner party. Aside from getting to spend time with an amazing bunch of people, it meant I… Continue reading

A few of my favourite flavours

Wow, last week was just one those crazy weeks. I ate so much good food it wasn’t funny, both home cooked and out and about (fyi if anyone’s still wondering if Jamie’s Italian… Continue reading

The beauty of Baroque

If you haven’t been to Baroque in The Rocks, Sydney before then hurry up and get there damn it! The place is crazy good. CRAZY GOOD PEOPLE! I have been buying macarons from there… Continue reading

Raspberry delight!

Today aside, the last few days in Sydney have been pure utter summer bliss. Hot, hot, hot. I got to admit, I kinda love it. Not so conducive to baking but hey I… Continue reading