The kindness of strangers

On Friday night I discovered the lovely Mel from existential detective had tagged me as a lovely blogger after she herself had been tagged (congrats Mel!). I was so touched, it totally made my day to know that my blog resonates with people I’ve never even met.

I completely adore Mel’s blog – it’s straight from the heart, honest to goodness writing and I love that we have so much stuff in common! Her eclectic mix of posts always keeps things interesting and her “Question a day in May” series was one of the coolest concepts I’ve seen in ages. Thanks for the tag Mel, you’ve re-inspired me! These are for you courtesy of yesterday’s awesome Eveleigh Markets:

As part of the One Lovely Blog Award, you’re meant to share 7 things about yourself so here goes:

  1. I cannot draw, I cannot paint and for years I thought I had no creative talent whatsoever… until I picked up a wooden spoon and (to a lesser extent) a camera!
  2. I am completely in love with rain. The sound it makes, the smell, the excuse it gives me to bake… bliss!
  3. For those that know me it may come as a surprise but I think I am probably an introvert. I like my own space and time to ponder things before I come to a conclusion, after which I am more than happy to share it (loudly!) with the entire world!
  4. I am obsessed with all things HBO. They consistently produce quality TV shows which challenge viewers and I just love, love, love them!. Picking favourites is pretty damn hard but if I had to, I think The Wire, Six Feet Under and Boardwalk Empire would win. That said, I love The Sopranos, Treme, True Blood and Game of Thrones too. See? Obsessed!
  5. My favourite food group is cheese. Please don’t tell me it’s not its own food group either, it so is!
  6. At last count I had 72 cookbooks and years and years worth of delicious, Gourmet Traveller, Donna Hay and NZ’s Dish magazines. Hmmm….I really need to embrace digital subscriptions!
  7. I know I’ll get in trouble for this from all the Sydneysiders but…. Melbourne is my favourite Australian city and if it wasn’t for my family being here, I’d so be a Melbourne girl!

Now onto the fun bit, nominating other lovely blogs. Yes, they are allllll food-related!

  • girl in a food frenzy – now here is someone I can relate to! Fabulous photography and really wonderful recipes. She has been tagged for loads of these awards before but I just can’t resist tagging her again.
  • The Burlesque Baker – this is one of my all time favourites. BB has so much going on in her life but still manages to find time to bake and blog regularly, she completely puts me to shame! Her recipes are amazing and I am in awe of her style.
  • Finger, Fork & Knife – in short, Kate and her blog are phenomenal! She is so professional and has such fabulous recipes, I literally want to lick my computer screen every time she puts a new post up. Plus she is a fellow Aussie and I love home grown talent!
  • vegeTARAian – I only discovered Tara’s blog a little while ago but it was love at first click. As a fellow Sydneysider, her posts are really handy as she is always checking out food markets or new dining experiences which I can actually go try!
  • how Sweet it is – another awesome blogger who keeps me entertained for hours! I love her photography and the fresh ideas she comes up with for her recipes.
  • Terrified Tastebud – Reading about Deb’s food journey is a lot of fun and very inspiring. She has made the bold decision to change careers and is currently at culinary school learning the ropes of a professional kitchen. I wonder if I will ever be that brave…
  • Savoury Simple – This is such a delightful blog and it has a bit of a special place in my heart. SS was one of the first to start following my blog who wasn’t, well, my Mum! She is passionate, inspired and inspiring. I love her approach to food and food styling.

To all my amazing bloggers, most of you will probably already know what to do but if not, just copy the award pic, get your random facts together, a list of your favourite bloggers, a link back to me and post!