Enough with the sugar and squandered opportunities

I had the best of intentions of doing an Easter-themed post this year, so much for that bright idea. Despite my four days of freedom and ample cooking opportunities….still no post!

Now I’m not saying I didn’t cook because I did. Lots in fact. In the space of a week I managed to bake the coffee caramel cheesecakes from last week’s post, caramel pecan pies, hazelnut brownies, raspberry butter cakes, the beginnings of what I hope to be rocky road brownies, two chocolate cakes and an experimental cinnamon meringue roulade with baked strawberries, apples and macadamias.

Yep, I’ve been busy in the old test kitchen. So busy in fact I haven’t had time to blog… how ironic. It didn’t help that Einstein here managed to leave the camera charger at home (rookie error!) and the sugar-induced coma I found myself in after taste testing all of the above-mentioned baked goods didn’t help either.

That aside, it did give me an opportunity to reflect and I’ve come to the conclusion that the last thing this blog needs right now is another dessert post. For someone who supposedly doesn’t have a sweet tooth (that would be me), I do a pretty good impression of a full-blown sugar addict.

So in the interests of balance and variety I have set myself a challenge –embrace the savoury! Just in time for Autumn… Stay tuned!