I recently got back from Fiji (aka “Fun.In.Jungle.Island” – a term coined by one of our delightfully cheeky tour guides) and thought I would post now rather than wait for next weekend when I actually get a chance to get back into the kitchen!

In short, Fiji was amazing. Despite it being the rainy season, it was a fantastic place to spend two weeks doing as much as or as little as my friend and I pleased. While the cyclonic activity off the west coast may have limited our day cruise options, over on the Coral Coast it left us with more time to drink pina coladas and enjoy the scenery!

We did do one day tour to a small village in the hills which was quite an experience. Despite some of our fellow resorters claiming it was the “Hollywood” version, I can assure it was anything but!

Once you move away from the Fijian coast and along the Navua River on the south east part of island, it is picturesque jungle and waterfalls every which way you turn. And the best part, you get to swim in them! I have never experienced anything quite like it. The water was so cool and clean, I could have stayed in all day long!

As part of our tour, we got to visit one of the farming villages along the river. What struck me most about the village and the people who lived there was the simplicity with which they lived and the amazing landscape. It was so refreshing to enjoy a delicious meal (don’t get me started on the chicken let alone the fresh pineapple) in the most simple of settings. It reminded me why I love cooking and entertaining so much.

The village was incredibly peaceful despite being home to a school filled with seriously gorgeous kids. I was struck by the fact that the school only went up to Year 8 and unless the parents can afford to send their children to boarding school or relocate their entire families (which most of them can’t) then that is it in terms of formal education.

I always thought I was pretty grateful for all the educational opportunities I have been afforded but visiting that school made me realise just how much I have to be thankful for. So much so I have made a promise to myself that I will stop putting off all my plans to do new courses and just do them. Photography and French classes, here I come!

While Fiji may not be too exotic for us Australians, I’d certainly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been – the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure!

ps. I promise next week the food will be back!